Projector Poles With Lift

Projector Poles With Lift

Projector pole, elevator mast or elevator masts are a pole system used in places where projector maintenance is difficult.

Projector Poles With Lift

Projector Poles with Lift

Lighting systems, which are among the indispensables of our lives, may become laborious in some areas. EMCI Industry; With its advanced technological systems, it solves the aforementioned problems with the mast lighting. In this context, it is a mechanical system that works on the principle that the lighting group goes down instead of going directly to the top of the operators. The system enables the projectors to be reached by means of polyemid rollers and steel rope. The systems developed by providing the mobility to the special production platforms on which the lighting group is located provide maintenance and ease of use. EMCI Industry; innovative, decorative and original designs in the industry with the production of lighting poles. EMCI Industry; is the pioneer of the sector with its certified products in compliance with both domestic and international standards.

Projector Pole with Lift; It is an 80% mechanical system that works on the principle that the lighting group goes down instead of going directly to the top of the operators in areas where projector maintenance is difficult. In this way, projector maintenance can be completed easily and quickly. This system includes a hoop or frame platform where the projectors will be mounted, a motor-reducer group providing up-and-down movement of the system, and a locking system that prevents the system from standing on the ropes and provides security. The robustness of the locking systems prevents injuries during operation and maintenance. The motor - reducer group is kept on the lower body of the pole with a special locked cover and the panel which controls the system with the help of this cover is also protected from external influences and facilitates the intervention.

The platform of the projectors is movable on the mast. The system is directly lowered to the base level for maintenance and repair. This system will not only save time, but also minimize labor and protect life safety. Especially in areas with high lighting poles such as stadiums, systems with elevators are essential. Because the necessary ladder system or elevating tools may not work in areas where the mast is positioned. Mast System consists of 5 parts. These parts are polygon pole body, Motor-Reducer group, Control panel, Projector connection platform. The overhead mechanism is the part where the locks and polyemid rollers are located, which ensures that the system stops safely above. The Mast Top Components with Lift are lock system and aircraft warning lamp and lightning rod. The lightning rod is supplied with the system and is not an active lightning rod. The aircraft warning lamp is not a system component and is supplied externally.

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