Flagpole, stainless outdoor flagpole, flagpoles and appropriate 4 meters, 5 meters, 12 meters, 10 meters flag pole prices are produced.


What is Flag?
What is Flag? Fabrics representing countries and institutions are called flags. The flag is of particular importance for countries. Symbolizes the independence of countries. Flags are usually produced in a rectangular shape. According to the United Nations (UN) in the world it is known that exactly 192 countries exist independently. 192 countries have flags of their own colors and symbols. In addition, all institutions or private organizations can have the flag.

What is Flagpole?
The flags are usually located above the pole. This allows flags to oscillate. What is a flagpole? The answer to the question; The flagpole is called the long poles where the flags are pulled and oscillation is provided. flagpole in a professional manner by EMC Industry in Turkey are produced.

Flagpole Manufacturing or Production How?
EMCI Industry is producing, selling and assembling flagpoles both in Turkey and abroad. It produces various flagpoles such as chrome flagpole in 9000 square meters production area. Galvanized flag pole production can be made to be resistant to harsh weather conditions. In addition, there are companies in the flag pole sales. Galvanized flag pole is produced by me in Ankara. Flagpole can be produced in 2 (two) types as internal rope and external rope.

Internal Rope Flagpole:
It is produced in two types as internal rope flagpole systems with endless rotating windlass and endless rotating electric motor system. It can be produced according to the requested dimensions and specifications.

External Rope Flagpole:
The external rope flagpole system is manufactured from top to reel. Stainless steel rope is used for poles of 10 meters or more. 3,4,5,10,12,25 meters and especially up to 120 meters are produced according to the requested criteria and specifications.

Flagpole Special Offers

Industry EMC, continues with a firm step in and operate abroad Turkey. The largest flagpole in Kazakhstan is produced by EMCI Industry. In addition, flag poles can be produced in apartments. EMCI Industry, with its expert staff and professional workmanship, realizes high quality flagpole production. Flagpole prices izmir, ankara and istanbul regardless of whether your requests are produced with a standard price policy. Outdoor flag pole prices and indoor flag pole prices vary according to the materials used in the production of the flag and the length of the flagpole. You can contact our customer representative for 10 meter flagpole prices and 12 meter flagpole prices. We can provide the most suitable prices in the market with the technological systems we have established. 4 meter flag pole prices or 5 meter flag pole prices you can easily learn from our contact line by contacting our customer representative.

Types of Flagpoles

EMC Industrial flagpole as Izmir, Istanbul, Turkey such as Ankara and Diyarbakir each of the services we can provide. We also provide flag pole transportation and installation services abroad. As EMCI Industry; iron flag pole, chrome flag pole, galvanized flag pole, polygonal flag pole, many flag poles are produced by us at reasonable prices.

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